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Kidz Tech

Within the Kidzeum environment is a “dream room” known as Kidz Tech. This is a space where students use technology, engineering, and creativity to expand the lessons of the museum’s current exhibit.

Students enter Kidz Tech through automatic sliding glass doors. They sit at work tables with sensory seating, hidden drawers, and iPads for everyone to use. In one corner, a stage is adorned with a green screen backdrop, where kids are able to see themselves in a variety of settings on a video screen. Students often use robots, Legos, iPads, and virtual reality goggles in a series of challenges and lessons created to take their classroom learning to the next level.

Students learn how to engineer and program on their iPads, creating computer code to make these toys come to life. The various tools and curriculum in Kidz Tech give GES students an introduction to programming skills as well as building, modeling, and storytelling. 

On designated days, GES teachers are invited to bring their classes to Kidz Tech to use the technology, which can all be cleverly adapted to enhance science, reading, and math standards. The innovative projects and stimulating environment helps teach kids how to work together and solve problems.