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Meet the Teacher
Meet the Teacher
Meet the Teacher
Meet the Teacher

Welcome to the Red Top!

Where Knowledge Comes to Life

Located in the heart of Grenada County, Grenada Elementary School PreK-3, also known as “the Red Top,” is an innovative elementary school. Our staff is committed to creating a hands-on learning environment where children’s knowledge comes to life.

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School News

Students and teacher show their $2 bill by their mountain of donated canned goods

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 — or “Twosday,” as this once-in-a-lifetime palindrome date became known — was the deadline for a canned food drive at Grenada Elementary’s Red Top school. It was a day to celebrate the number two, but one class of second graders ended up celebrating a lot more than that.

Over the course of a week, each homeroom class at the Red Top amassed cans with the incentive of their special reward for the class that brought the most. When the mountain of cans was finally assembled, administrators counted more than 5,000. 

Surrell said that second-grade math teacher Tasha Lemley’s homeroom class brought in the most cans. 

A boy shows his Lego fan

Students at Grenada Elementary Pre-K-3 tried their hands at engineering and coding this semester at Kidz Tech, the cutting-edge addition to the Red Top’s beloved Kidzeum. 

Director Melanie Williams devoted several weeks to letting students play and build while teaching them beginner-level computer programming. Williams said the kids loved devoting an entire visit to the smart toys and devices at Kidz Tech.

The Kidzeum’s next exhibit opened in mid-February. Students will make multiple visits throughout the spring to learn about inclined planes, wedges, pulley systems, levers, and screws in a brand-new exhibit entitled Simple Machines. Here they learn the fundamental principles of physics by using classic, everyday tools that help multiply force to move objects.

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